Helpful Tips for Buying Chilli Peppers

Posted on: 30 June 2021


If you're looking to add more fresh produce and flavour to your diet or to your restaurant menu, you could be interested in buying chillis. After all, you might know that chillis can be great when added to all sorts of entrees, appetizers, soups, salads and more. If you don't really have much experience with buying chillis, however, you may be looking for some advice. After all, when buying and experimenting with chillis, you probably want to have a great experience. These tips should help.

Consider Trying Different Types of Chillis

There are many different types of chillis that you can try, so if you have been only sticking with poblanos and other similar mild chillis, you are really missing out. You can try peppers in different colours and shapes to add some colour to your dishes, and you can check out peppers with varying degrees of hotness and different flavours. Soon, you will be able to discover which chillis are your favourite.

Make Sure They're Fresh

Next, if you want to enjoy your chillis as much as possible, you should make sure that the ones that you purchase are fresh. Buying from a good supplier can help with this.

Remember That a Little Goes a Long Way

One thing to remember is that with most recipes, one or two chillis can go a long way. Therefore, you might not need to place a big order, especially if you aren't going to be preparing large amounts of food or if you are trying out a new type of pepper for the first time. Remember that this little rule especially applies when you're dealing with really hot peppers, such as Carolina reaper or habanero peppers. When you are cooking with these peppers, consider starting out by only adding a small amount. Then, if you are looking for a little more heat, you can always add more later.

Consider Growing Your Own

Although it isn't a bad idea for you to purchase pre-grown chillis at first while you are trying them out, if you find that you really like them, you may want to think about growing your own chillis. Some types are actually pretty easy to grow in Australian climates, and you might find that they will add some vibrant colour to your garden, too. Plus, you cannot beat the freshness that you can enjoy from growing your own chillis. You can even purchase chilli seeds online, making it easy for you to grow your own favourite varieties.