Three Principal Tips for Purchasing Christmas Crackers for Your Hotel

Posted on: 16 February 2021


If you are thinking about adding a little flair to your hotel, you should consider using Christmas crackers to liven up the ambience. These products are usually used during end-of-year parties. However, their appeal makes them perfect for all types of special occasions and celebrations throughout the year. Stocking them in your hotel will ensure that the guests have a unique and memorable time. It is important to note that there are numerous crackers on the market to consider for wholesale purchase for your business. Here are some principal tips to help you select the best options.

Inquire About Content

When purchasing Christmas crackers, you should inquire about the contents in the package. The type of small gift in the product will have an impact on the satisfaction of your guests. Ideally, the surprise presents do not have to be expensive or extravagant. However, they should evoke positive feelings such as joy and laughter. It is important to discuss the type of stock gifts which are available from your wholesale supplier. Ideally, the vendor should provide the option of customising the gift. This will allow you to avoid potentially contentious gifts. In some cases, the supplier might allow you to send your own gifts to be placed in the crackers. If this is possible, you can choose something that matches your hotel branding.

Think About Sizing

Crackers are available in multiple sizes. It is important to evaluate the options and choose the most appropriate for your hotel. In general, the best size will depend on the planned placement for the product. For instance, in many cases, these units will be placed on a table so that the guests can pop them during dinner. If the size is too large, they will not fit on the table. Moreover, the settings might look messy and unprofessional. Therefore, you should inquire about the perfect sizes for hotel use. Also, remember that larger crackers could increase your total expenses significantly.

Consider the Appeal

Finally, you should consider the appearance of the crackers. The right products should have great visual appeal to tantalise the guests. If you have no special preferences, you can choose suitable wrapping colours and patterns from the stock available. However, it is always advisable to think about brand recognition. For example, you can ask the specialist wholesaler about customising the cracker packaging and the ribbons to match your brand colours. It might also be possible to incorporate the logo so that your hotel will leave a lasting impression. 

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