Why Now Is The Best Time To Stockpile For Next Christmas

Posted on: 20 January 2020


Christmas comes once a year, but preparing for it can sometimes feel like a yearlong activity. It is never too early to start ensuring you have all the necessary supplies for the next family event, and when it comes to Christmas, the earlier you start, the cheaper it will be. Prices steadily increase right up before Christmas and drop rapidly after the day has passed, which means if you start to shop after Boxing Day, you will find amazing deals. While some items are easy to buy closer to the day, such as food, there are Christmas-centric items that you should definitely be on the lookout for to take advantage of these low prices. 

Christmas Crackers 

Christmas crackers are a part of an Australian tradition that dates back over a hundred years. Seeing those colourfully decorated Christmas crackers when you sit down for the family lunch or in your stockings is always a fun reminder of what time of year it is. Buying Christmas crackers in January or February is perfect for the savvy planner because they do not go off, they can easily last years in storage and they don't take up too much room. Search for wholesale Christmas crackers if you want an even better deal as you will find dozens bundled together, which is more than enough for a few Christmases in a row!

Christmas Decorations

Tinsel, baubles, nativity scenes and more all come at a premium in the days prior to Christmas, and it can be hard to justify the added cost. However, if, after the festive season, you find yourself with a shortage for the upcoming year, then don't put it off; buy the needed replacements straight away. Perhaps think about adding new decorations like candles, wreaths, lawn decorations and Christmas lights. Now is the perfect time to go a little crazy and splurge.

Advent Calendars

For children and children at heart, there is no sweeter way to count down to Christmas than with an advent calendar. Luckily, chocolate doesn't go bad quickly, and you can get many different varieties, from flavoured chocolate to themed calendars. If the person who the advent calendar is for is a big sports fan, then try to find one in their beloved team's colours. On the other hand, those who are fans of certain TV shows and movies can likely find an advent calendar fit for them too. Make sure you have a designated storage area for all these Christmas items, and remember that they should be out of direct sunlight and in a relatively cool area.