How to Move a Hot Tub 

Having a hot tub in your house is fun. If you’re too tired from work, you can relax and entertain yourself. Enjoying with friends and family is also possible, and you’ll have a great bonding moment. But later on, you will realize that the hot tub needs a new location. The most challenging part of this thought is the actual moving of the tub from one location to another.  

The hot tub is heavy and massive. Finding ways to relocate the hot tub is difficult, because of the space limitation and the process of moving it. Moving it on your own is risky, and hiring hot tub movers Denver should be your top option if you can’t do it on your own.  

  1. Prepare the Equipment 

Moving an appliance as heavy and as large as a hot tub is challenging. You just can’t push it around and move it where you want to. There are special equipment needed like furniture dollies, tow straps and some pieces of wood. As much possible, you will need a hot tub dolly which is a special dolly only for hot tubs.  

  1. Plan the Path 

You should know where you’re going. If you plan to move the hot tub from a far location from its original place, you should create a plan. Measure the hot tub, the doors it’s going through and any path. To avoid injuries and damages to other materials in the house, clean the path for any obstacles and debris. You should do all of these before you move the tub.  

  1. Prepare the Hot Tub 

Next thing to do is prepare the hot tub. Cut off all the electric sources connected to your hot tub. Unplug the electrical wirings, water lines and gas connections. Place the cords in the proper storage because you will connect them again. Second, drain your hot tub. Get the guidelines from the manufacturers when doing this step. When draining the water outside, use a long hose.  

  1. Secure the Hot Tub 

Once you’re done draining the tub, clean it. Follow the instructions again when you clean it. Close the drain cap and use towels to clean the interior of the tub. If possible, wrap the tub with a plastic wrap to secure the outer shell from scratches and other damages.  

  1. Lift the Tub 

Don’t do this on your own! You need a couple of helping hands when doing this step. Lift the corners of the tub. Put the pieces of the wood below the corners so you can move it easily. The tub should be lifted 3 inches off the floor before you put the woods.  

  1. Use Furniture Dollies 

If you’re moving the tub across the flat floor, you can use furniture dollies. Position once dolly at the tub’s back; and the other one is in the front so the tub has an optimum support. Protect the tub further using tow straps so it won’t slip. Then, begin moving the tub. Do it slowly.  

If you’re moving into a new home, hire a professional hot tub mover!  

Things to Know About Alcohol Delivery Service 

Have you ever come home from a tiring day and realized you don’t have any wine left? Have you ever realized you are about to have guests over and you’ve got no liquors? Have you ever run out of drinks in the middle of a party? 

An alcohol delivery Mississauga service is a way for you to have drinks delivered to your house. these services usually have a mobile app or website where you can have the drinks delivered, checkout, shop for your liquors, and enter your address. Almost every delivery service provides shipping (delivered in 3 days), scheduled deliveries (delivered at a particular time), and on-demand delivery (delivered in as little as 20 minutes). 

When Should You Utilize an Alcohol Delivery Service? 

  • Anytime 

You can utilize an alcohol delivery service to get all the drinks you required delivered to your home, whether you are having an unexpected get together or you need a bottle of wine to relax.  

  • Throwing a Party 

An alcohol delivery service usually provides a party planning tool. This will help you know how much to order and what to order. All you’ve got to do is to enter which products you are looking to buy, the time of day of the event, and the expected number of guests. Oftentimes, you can also book a bartender to mix and serve beverages, set up for the event, and much more.  

  • Sending a Gift 

Do you want to send a bottle of wine rather than a box of chocolate as a gift? An alcohol delivery service provides on-demand delivery. This means that you can send a last-minute gift to your customers, coworkers, or friends.  

  • Hosting a Happy Hour 

You can purchase liquor online and have it delivered to your location. The last thing you want to do is carry all of the liquors from the shop to your office if you’re hosting a happy hour. You can purchase all the ice, beer, liquor, and wine online and schedule it for delivery. You can even order everything you require if you are planning an event on the last minute. You should expect it to arrive in 20 minutes.  

How Does It Work? 

There are a couple of ways to get a beer, liquor, and wine delivered to your location. This depends on where you are situated. This means that every county, city, and state have its regulations and laws around alcohol delivery services.  

This type of delivery service has gained popularity over the past years. However, almost every individual can only have liquor shipped within a couple of days before these services appeared. Usually, you will have to visit a liquor shop before if you need a bottle of wine for the night.  

Today, you can have drinks delivered to your location in as little as 20 minutes. They provide clients access to beer, liquor, and wine. All of their drinks are usually available for delivery.  

Almost every on-demand alcohol delivery service works with local liquor shops in your area. You’ll be able to choose the type of liquor you want to be delivered.  

How Can You Benefit from Having Lash Extensions?

Have you ever wished that you could wake up daily with full and long eyelashes? Are you sick of using some of your time applying your eyeliner and mascara every morning? If that’s the case, you are not alone, and you don’t have to worry. Having eyelash extensions Clearfield is the best service for you. This service has become more popular nowadays because of the following reasons. Check out the list below to know more: 

What is Eyelash Extension?  

Before we start discussing the perks of making your natural eyelashes prolonged, it would be best to know how it is done and what process eyelash extension involves. Semi-permanent is the most typical eyelash extension, which is done by manually gluing the semi-permanent lashes on top of your natural eyelash. Take note that the duration of how the results will last depends on the average hair growth. Because of that, many professionals suggest you get your eyelashes refilled at least every 6-8 weeks to maintain having a natural appearance through the cycle of your hair growth.   

Significant Benefits of Eyelash Extensions  

No Damage  

Getting eyelash extensions isn’t an invasive procedure, unlike several beauty procedures. Plus, wearing them does not cause damage to your natural lashes at all.   


Eyelash extensions can lift the face and add more volume to the natural lash line, making people look more youthful. Having thick and long eyelashes has become one of the beauty standards nowadays. With the help of eyelash extensions, you can improve your natural beauty without using any beauty products or makeup.   

Save time  

Eyelash extensions won’t just help you appear more presentable even after rolling out of bed, but they can also help you save time. When you wear eyeliner and mascara nearly daily, you can skip this with the help of eyelash extensions. Hence, you’ll be saving a lot of time you consume in front of a mirror.   

You’ll look put together.  

One of the most important perks of getting an eyelash extension is that it can help you look put together any time of the day. That’s because this service can make the wearer appear as if they have mascara on. Other people want eyelash extensions as the only cosmetic application type they get.   


Many people are having a hard time making their eyelashes curled all the time during the entire day. If your eyelashes are away from the eye and perfectly curled up, it offers you more of a youthful and awake look. Eyelash extension is perfect for achieving the natural yet lifted look that most people are going to look snatched and appealing nowadays.   

If you want to experience all of the benefits of eyelash extensions listed above, you should find a trusted spa and beauty clinic today. After the consultation and the actual session, it’ll make a significant difference in your life.